BK Sponsors Heavy.com Content for Video iPod

Burger King, nurturing its love for quirky online video, is sponsoring online teen community Heavy’s programming for the video iPod.

Heavy launched the free content this week, following Apple’s October 12 launch of the device. The iPod video content will be available on a Burger King-branded download page. So far, it has made available its “Must Stream TV” series, and some user-generated video featuring masks of the Burger King and Subservient Chicken, featured in the company’s commercials and online viral marketing efforts.

In the first available spot, a Heavy.com user with Burger King mask demands a a Whopper and other Burger King-specific products at McDonald’s drive-through window.

Heavy.com used a similar strategy when Sony launched its Play Station Portable (PSP) earlier this year. It made much of its video content available in the PSP format. It appended ads before and after the content and solicted branded entertainment from advertisers.

Unilever was the first to take Heavy.com up on the opportunity, using the platform for its Axe campaign which followed to young men around the country, filming their often-pitiful attempts to pick up women.

Heavy.com also offers video content formatted for Virgin Mobile’s Slider Sonic music phone.

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