Blagojevich not involved in Yahoo’s new Pay Per Candidate Offering

Yahoo unveiled its new Pay Per Candidate offering. And, no, it’s got nothing to do with Jersey or Illinois politics!

Pay Per Candidate is a new performance-based payment option for Yahoo HotJobs ads, allowing job recruiters to pay based on the number of people who respond to a job ad, rather than per job listing.

According to the company press release, the product lets employers and recruiters “cap the number of pre-screened candidates they receive per job posting when candidates apply on the HotJobs website.” The advertiser pays only when a job seeker applies for the position or clicks-through to the recruiter’s site.

The system also can automatically filter out inappropriate candidates based on the information they provide in customized online questionnaires.

By offering this payment option, Yahoo has indicated that there’s a need to provide greater incentive to advertisers to use HotJobs. The economy could be a factor here since fewer companies are hiring. Or, perhaps Yahoo is letting advertisers pay for performance out of the goodness of their hearts….

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