BlogKits Launches: A Blogger-Only Affiliate Network

blogkits.gifJim Kukral and Forge Corporation have officially launched BlogKits, an affiliate network targeted specifically to bloggers. BlogKits is positioning itself as an AdSense alternative (See its AdSense Challenge) for sites delivering under 100 uniques a day. The bet is that these little guys will do better with a cost-per-action model than by joining a big contextual ad network. Blogs have certainly proven great affiliate partners for many retailers (Audible’s relationship with is a textbook example), but I’m a little skeptical this can scale. Those with loyal niche audiences will likely see benefit. Those without? Well, time will tell.

In any case, it’s certainly worth keeping an eye on, as Jim is an influential voice in the affiliate space and the number of ad networks defining themselves in contrast to AdSense just keeps on growing.

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