BlueLithium Launches Behaviorally-Targeted Video

BlueLithium today launched AdRoll, a new video ad network with behavioral targeting (BT) capabilities.

“To date, it’s been difficult for advertisers to get enough video inventory, and what they can find is usually spread out across smaller granular sites,” Dakota Sullivan, BlueLithium’s CMO, told ClickZ News. “AdRoll brings a new level of sophistication to video ads, and it gives advertisers the convenience and price sanity of buying from an ad network.”

AdRoll aggregates video on its network of more than 1,200 publisher Web sites, offering advertisers both in-stream and in-banner placements. In-stream ads include both pre- and post-roll :15 units. In-banner video ads can be placed in standard leader-board or skyscraper spots, and the advertiser can choose to fill the unit with video content or put video in a window inside the unit.

AdRoll will use a technique known as remarketing, which allows advertisers to target ads to people who have visited their Web site as they travel across other sites in the BlueLithium network. The ad can either be designed to drive them back to the advertiser’s site for up-sell or cross-sell opportunities, or to complete an unfinished purchase.

“It’s still relatively expensive to buy video ads, so advertisers want to be sure they’re targeting the right people. With remarketing, they only show ads to the people who have been to their site and are familiar with their product,” Sullivan said.

Sullivan said that behavioral remarketing, when used on its display ads and in beta tests for video, has been shown to improve click-through and conversion rates by as much as 300 percent.

On BlueLithium’s display ads, unveiled in April, advertisers can also choose behavioral segmentation, which targets an audience based on how closely their online behavior matches up with the subject addressed by an advertiser’s product or service. Once the user is identified as belonging to a certain segment, advertisers can show them relevant ads when they visit any site in the network. There is not enough video inventory available to make it worthwhile to do segmentation on video ads yet, Sullivan said. expects to have a behaviorally-targeted video offering this summer, with both remarketing and segmentation, once it completes the integration of its technology with Lightningcast’s, which it acquired in May.

BT specialist Tacoda teamed up with both video ad network Tremor Network and rich media company Klipmart in May to offer behavioral segmentation on video ads.

Besides behavioral targeting, BlueLithium offers contextual, demographic, and geographic targeting, as well as dayparting on both its display and video ads. Those various modalities can be combined to refine audience targeting.

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