BlueLithium Unveils Behavioral Targeting Tools

BlueLithium today unveiled AdPath, a behavioral targeting solution for both advertisers and publishers on its ad network.

The product, in limited release for the past two months, includes audience targeting and remarketing capabilities for advertisers, and a tool for publishers to gain additional inventory by selling ads to the site’s visitors when they visit other sites within the BlueLithium network.

“Our approach to behavioral targeting is different: we see it as a feature, not a point solution,” Dakota Sullivan, BlueLithium’s CMO, told ClickZ News. “We’ve tried to simplify behavioral targeting and put it in the context of the overall campaign.”

Audience targeting analyzes online behavior of users in the BlueLithium network and identifies those users who show an interest in the subject addressed by an advertiser’s product or service. Advertisers can then show ads to users in relevant segments when they visit any site in the network.

Behavioral targeting advocates say audience targeting is well suited for situations in which an advertiser’s most natural context, such as auto or finance sections, are sold out or high priced. In those instances, it gives the advertiser a chance to reach its audience at a lower cost and in a less cluttered environment. It also allows publishers to monetize inventory that is less attractive to advertisers.

Remarketing targets visitors that have been to an advertiser’s site, and reaches them on other sites in the BlueLithium network. The ad can either be designed to drive them back to the advertiser’s site for up-sell or cross-sell opportunities, or to complete an unfinished purchase.

Remarketing is best for advertisers with a high-consideration product or high customer acquisition costs, Sullivan said, since users have already shown interest in an advertiser’s product or service, and an incentive can often be enough to complete a transaction or to make a follow-on purchase, often for a fraction of their average customer acquisition costs.

BlueLithium’s remarketing can target by multiple conditions of a user’s behavior, and can be combined with other targeting methods BlueLithium offers, like contextual, geographic, and demographic targeting.

AdPath for Publishers is intended for sites that have constrained inventory to sell, but still have demand from advertisers. It targets visitors to the publisher’s site and then shows them ads from the publisher’s advertisers when they show up on participating sites in BlueLithium’s network. AdPath for Publishers does not collect or retain any personal information and does not require any additional software installations.

One thing that differentiates BlueLithium from its competitors is its consultative approach, according to Dave Zinman, VP or product marketing. “We present the technology in a simple, direct way, and help our clients understand their choices of targeting,” Zinman told ClickZ News. “Behavioral targeting is a good tool, but sometimes other targeting is better. You have to test all the options.”

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