Bluestreak Bakes RSS, SMS Into Messaging Product

A new messaging platform from Bluestreak should up the stakes a bit in the direct marketing and CRM game by adding support for SMS and RSS, in addition to two flavors of delivery assurance.

Bluestreak executives say they’re still hashing out the price points and service levels for the mobile and RSS syndication channels. Those details should be settled in the next two weeks.

Called IonMX 2.0, the product builds on the company’s IonMail email marketing product.

Along with the channel expansion, it comes with delivery assurance enhancements courtesy of new partnerships with Goodmail’s CertifiedEmail product and Return Path’s reputation-based system. Other add-ons include customer segmentation based on geography and purchasing trends, email authentication using Domain Keys and Sender ID, and foreign language options.

“IonMX is going to be a platform for messaging in general,” said Eamon O’Neill, director of product management at Bluestreak. “It’s a place to plan and store your campaign details. You can think of it as having various channel adaptors sticking out of it…in the future maybe IPTV, maybe MMS.”

Bluestreak got its start in rich media and then expanded its product suite to include email, ad serving and search. For the past several years, the bulk of its revenue has come from its email business.

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