BMW, Ricoh TipTheir (Black) Hats

images.jpgBlack hat SEO suffered a severe blow this week.

Blogging about BMW and Ricoh being banned by Google in Germany for deceptive optimization practices, Danny raises some interesting points.

Sure, both companies are publicly sporting black eyes. They’ve been nailed for using black hat SEO techniques — and banned by Google. What I’m liking about this all the very public attention drawn to black hat SEO.

“We cannot tolerate Web sites trying to manipulate search results as we aim to provide users with the relevant and objective search results,” Google told the FT.

Google appears to be doing something very deliberate and calculated here. The message: if it can happen to them, it can happen to you.

The BMW/Ricoh debacle will bump SEO and accountability up into the ranks of senior management, where it belongs.

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