Bojangles’ to Fans: #TailgateEverything

tailgate-everything-micrositeWhy limit tailgating to sports when you can tailgate in other parts of life? That’s the message from quick service chain Bojangles’, which has more than 50 alternative tailgating ideas on an inspiration hub,

Site content includes Vine and GoAnimate videos, lists and recipes that seek to engage a younger audience and showcase the brand’s Big Bo Box offering.

The site launched September 16, with tailgating ideas for work, school and relationships, such as: How to Turn Work Attire into Tailgate Gear, How to Include Bojangles’ on Your Wedding Registry and How to Get Your PhD in Tailgating.

The brand will add additional content over the next month or two, including the ability for consumers to upload photos and videos of how they’re tailgating with Bojangles’ – including both traditional and creative alternatives, says Bojangles’ director of marketing, Doug Poppen.

Poppen says Bojangles’ will eventually have about 100 content pieces. The site has three “coming soon” sections with images of a house, reindeer and smartphone, indicating tailgating themes to come, in addition to Tailgate TV, which highlights a video on how to tailgate curfew and a live Twitter feed featuring tweets tagged with #TailgateEverything.

At the end of the year, if consumers are still engaged and showing the brand it needs to continue to evolve, Bojangles’ will let them drive how the brand evolves the campaign, Poppen says.

According to Bojangles’, Tailgate Everything aims in part to add fun to the daily routine of its customers.

“The fall tailgating season is really a perfect opportunity to showcase a relatively new and innovative product offering that is our Big Bo Box,” Poppen adds. “It’s also an opportunity to increase our relevance to a younger demographic that is very important to us.”

The brand says it has a lot of credibility in the tailgating space, but its Big Bo Box, which comes with chicken, biscuits, sides and a half gallon of sweet tea, is also a great meal solution for other occasions besides sporting events. Getting that message across was the core business objective of this campaign, Poppen says.

BooneOakley Advertising created the campaign.

According to Poppen, #TailgateEverything does a great job of balancing all the features, benefits and occasions that the Big Bo Box is relevant for beyond the traditional tailgate and encourages consumers to purchase the product on other meal occasions, places and times. In addition, it is engaging and humorous “which we think is going to lead to a lot of sharing by consumers of content on,” he says.

The site provides ample opportunities for customers to share on social networks including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr and StumbleUpon.

“We wanted to create a campaign that was relevant to all our customers, but that specifically gave our younger customers a new and innovative way to interact with the brand that increases our relevance and our consideration with that group, which is an important demographic for us going forward,” Poppen adds.

To promote the campaign, Bojangles’ is using #TailgateEverything. The brand has also placed some paid social and pre-roll video in select markets and will be sending out coupons for its Big Bo Box to its 100,000+ E-Club subscribers.

“We’re using the site as an opportunity to expand our social footprint and put Bojangles’ content out into more platforms that are relatively new to us,” Poppen says.

Founded in 1977 in Charlotte, N.C., Bojangles’ Restaurants Inc. has more than 550 locations in 10 states, primarily in the Southeast, and the District of Columbia as well as three international restaurants.

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