Boost Lead Quality With These 7 Easy Content Marketing Tactics

Which would you rather have, 100 leads or 10 leads? At first this might seem like an easy answer, however, the reality is that it comes down to the quality of leads. What if all of those 100 leads were horrible fits for your sales team? Not all leads are created equal.

What are some ways we can increase the quality of our leads and ensure the leads we’re capturing in our content marketing efforts are good fits? Let me outline seven of the best tactics I’ve found for qualifying your leads.

Content Marketing Strategy

When developing your content marketing strategy, it’s critical to keep in mind the personas you’re trying to target with your content.

The first step after you’ve developed your personas is to then take a look at the points of pain, goals, and informational wants this persona has. Use this information to start mapping out your conversion offer strategy for each stage of the funnel.

Keeping the topics focused on the items your persona is experiencing specifically helps ensure the people converting on the content offers will fit your persona.

Once you’ve established targeted topics for your conversion offers, there are a few qualifying tips to keep in mind when creating the actual offer:

  • Tailoring the Titles: When creating the titles for your content, find ways to weave in your persona’s characteristics into the title.

    Example: If a main criterion for your persona is that their job title is chief operating officer (COO), create a title that incorporates this title: “The COO’s Guide to Six Sigma in Production Facilities”

  • Designing the Covers: In addition to the title, it’s possible to find ways to design the covers of your conversion offers to further clarify who the offer is for.

    Example: If you’re writing an e-book for construction safety advisors, the image on the e-book may show an individual in a hard hat, talking to a number of construction workers.

    This image should be easily recognizable to your personas and look exactly like how they look in their job. This will not only catch attention, but also qualify the person.

  • Landing Page: On the landing page copy, include one paragraph that clearly defines who the conversion offer is designed for and the points of pain it addresses.

    Example: “This e-book is specifically designed for program directors in the staffing industry who are having problems with increasing their digital reach outside of LinkedIn.”

  • Marketing of the Offer: Additionally, although this seems like marketing 101, it’s important to note that you should really take the time to focus in on promoting your conversion offers primarily in places where your personas are.

    If your persona is a B2B manufacturing firm, there’s a good chance that social channels are not the best way to connect with this persona. Instead, find the website forums or groups in which these personas “hang out” and focus your efforts there.

    Social is a wonderful marketing channel if your personas are there, but if they simply aren’t, then find the most effective places that they are involved. This will help qualify the leads coming in because you’re exposing your offers to a more targeted group.

Blog Mission Statement

How do your website visitors know what kind of content you’re creating and who it’s for? If you leave it up to the visitor to figure out, there’s a good chance they will leave your site before figuring it out.

Having a short, targeted blog mission statement that clearly explains why your blog exists, what problems you’re trying to solve, and who your readers are makes it very easy for those who identify with this to instantly connect and engage with your blog.

Your blog mission statement could be as short as three words or 50, however, I would recommend the shorter the better. Once you have it, place it in a visible spot on your blog where new visitors landing on your blog can easily find it.

Example: Savvy Panda’s blog mission statement: “Our blog educates and inspires software, SaaS, and nonprofit marketers to excite change and achieve amazing results.”

I would also suggest placing a call to action to subscribe or follow your blog right under your blog mission statement. This will make it very clear for those who identify with your mission statement to start following you right away.

Selective Testimonials and Case Studies

Having testimonials and case studies from your existing clients or other industry experts is a great way to build authority, trust, and increase overall conversions. However, there is a bit of strategy behind what who you decide to showcase.

When selecting who to get testimonials or case studies from, select the companies and individuals who are the closest match to your personas. The closer matched they are, not only will the testimonial have more impact but it will also further reinforce the types of clients you work with.

This also includes testimonials you may add to your conversion offer landing pages about your expertise or content of the offer. Selecting specific testimonials from those who fit your exact persona can not only help qualify those who are on the page, but also help increase conversion rate by building trust and authority.


The last way you can help target and qualify your leads is to think of creative ways to develop branded names, logos, and graphics for your content offers, website sections, blog, and products/services.

Example: If you’re persona is software-as-a-service (SaaS) marketers, you could brand your blog as “Savvy SaaS…Content to drive SaaS marketers forward.” Then create an iconic logo for this and start developing branding around this specific section on your site.

This makes it crystal clear who the blog is for (and not for). Anyone who doesn’t identify with that group will likely leave and those who are in that group will connect and further engage. This same idea can be done for other sections on your website, conversion offers, and products/services.

It can be very easy to get wrapped up in quantity vs. quality, however, at the end of the day what really matters is the quality of the leads we are bringing in to our sales team. The best marketers in the world use these tactics, and others, to ensure the leads they are bringing in are the best fit for their company.

If you have other ideas or questions, please post in the comments below and I’d love to have a discussion.

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