Brands Love Twitter’s #WhatIsLoveIn4Words

A few days shy of Valentine’s Day, the hashtag #WhatIsLoveIn4Words had brands taking to Twitter hoping to inspire passionate feelings in their followers. 

The brands that won the #WhatIsLoveIn4Words were the ones that both promoted their products and were able to keep to the lighthearted tone of the hashtag. 

Red Bull tapped the face of the infamous Overly Attached Girlfriend meme to appeal to its young audience. 

Though McDonald’s has had some bad social media press lately, the brand did a good job keeping on message with the hashtag. 

Royal Caribbean scored by both highlighting the romance of the holiday and the romantic appeal of its cruises. 

 Charmin turned the hashtag a little bit cheeky with its off-color message. 

And Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups made good use of its Valentine’s content.

Though no stranger to social media disasters, DiGiorno used the hashtag perfectly this time. 

Subway knows that cute animals are always a win, and managed to make its sandwiches more crushworthy by proxy. 

Petco also knows the value of a good one-liner and an adorable pug. 

The Ad Council got serious, but used the hashtag for a powerful message. 

But not every brand was a winner. Some brands got lazy with the hashtag and used it simply as a promotional tool, coming off a little tone deaf and definitely taking a little of the fun out of #WhatIsLoveIn4Words. 

What do you think? Which brands scored with the Valentine’s Day hashtag and which fell flat? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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