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Brands' Snapchat handles: ClickZ's master list

If you want to see a brand's Snapchat Stories, you have to know exactly what its username is. It's not always clear, so ClickZ has compiled this list for you.

If you want to see a brand’s Snapchat Stories, you have to know exactly what its username is. It’s not always clear, so ClickZ has compiled this list for you. 

Seventeen brands with stellar Snapchat Stories was really fun to work on, but it was also a lot more work than you’d think. For one thing, the ephemeral nature of Snapchat made it take longer to write than a story like that normally would. I ended up monitoring Snapchat obsessively for about a week, so as not to end up writing about 17 brands who had stellar Snapchat stories on Thursday between 2 and 3:30 p.m.

I set out to follow as many brands as possible in the name of diversity, which posed the next challenge: how the hell do I find them? Snapchat has no search function, so if you want to follow someone who isn’t in your contacts, you need to know exactly what their username is.

That’s what makes Snapchat the perfect platform for ‘bestie brands,’ but at the same time, how can brands be your besties if you can’t find them? Some handles are straightforward – Airbnb, Coca-Cola and Jeep – but others are a bit trickier. You can search for “tiffanyandco,” for example, if you want to add a random girl named Tiffany as a friend. The retailer’s username is “tiffanyofficial.”

As Snapchat’s stratospheric popularity continues to increase, many marketers are still confused about just how to approach the platform. Being friends with brands is a good move because it gives you good insight into what to do – and what not to do. (Captioning your snaps with “YASSS KWEEN” comes off a little desperate like the old guy at the club, for instance.)


I legitimately spent a few hours researching brands’ Snapchat handles so you don’t have to. This isn’t all of them, but here’s our unofficial official master list:

Retail and ecommerce brands

  • Amazon – amazon
  • American Apparel – amappysnap. You’d never guess that one. See how helpful this list is already?
  • Asos – asosfashion
  • Banana Republic – brsnaps
  • Birchbox – birchbox
  • Bloomingdale’s – bloomingdales
  • Bonobos – bonobos
  • Burberry – burberry
  • Calvin Klein – calvinklein
  • Chubbies – chubbiesshorts
  • Coach – coachnyc. For retailers, it may be tempting to aggressively be product-product-product all the time, but Snapchat also works as a branding tool.


  • Converse – converse
  • Dr. Martens – drmartens
  • eBayebay
  • Express – express
  • FootLocker – footlocker
  • Groupon – groupon
  • Gucci – gucci
  • H&M – hmusa. The “handm” handle belongs to someone named Hamza who you probably don’t know.
  • Kenneth Cole – kennethcole
  • L’Oréal – lorealmakeup
  • Louis Vuitton – louisvuitton
  • Lowe’s – lowesdiy
  • Lululemon – lululemon
  • Macy’s – macyssnaps
  • Maybelline – maybelline-ny
  • Michael Kors – michaelkors
  • Nike – nikenyc
  • Nordstrom – nordstromsnaps
  • Rebecca Minkoff – rebeccaminkoff
  • Refinery 29 – refinery29
  • Saks Fifth Avenue – saks_official
  • Sephora sephora
  • Steve Madden – stevemadden
  • Target – target
  • Tiffany & Co. – tiffanyofficial.
  • TOMS – tomsofficial
  • Toys ‘R Us – toysrusofficial
  • Under Armour – underarmour
  • Victoria’s Secret – vspink. You get an alert whenever someone screenshots one of your snaps. Victoria’s Secret has cleverly turned that feature into a way to engage with its audience, by holding screenshot-based polls.


  • Warby Parker – warbyparker
  • Zappos – zappos

Food and beverage brands

  • 16 Handles – love16handles
  • AriZona – ilovebigcans
  • Ben and Jerry’s – benandjerrys
  • Burger King – burgerking
  • Chipotle – chipotlesnaps
  • Chobani – chobani
  • Cinnabon – therealcinnabon
  • Coca-Cola – cocacola
  • Dunkin Donuts – dunkindonuts
  • Evian – evianwater
  • Grubhub – grubhub
  • IHOP – ihoprestaurant
  • Jolly Rancher – jollyrancher
  • McDonald’s – mcdonalds. A custom avatar is a good way to assure people who may guess your username that it’s really you.


  • Mountain Dew – mountaindew
  • Pepsi – pepsico
  • Pizza Hut – pizzahut
  • Red Bull – redbull
  • Sour Patch Kids – sourpatchsnaps
  • Sprite – sprite
  • Starbucks – starbucks
  • Subway – officialsubway
  • Taco Bell – tacobell
  • Wendy’s – wendys
  • Whataburger – whataburgerlife
  • Whole Foods – wholefoods

Travel and automotive brands

  • Acura – acura_insider
  • Aer Lingus – aerlingus
  • Airbnb – airbnb
  • Alaska Airlines – alaskaair
  • American Airlines – americanair
  • Audi – audi
  • Hilton – hiltonhotels
  • Hyundai – hyundaiusa
  • Jeep – jeep
  • Lyft – lyft
  • Marriott – marriotthotels
  • Uber – uber
  • Virgin – virginamerica
  • Volvo – volvocarsglobal

Sports brands

The major organizations’ names are all pretty easy to guess. Going deeper, just about every sports team under the sun has its own handle, as well, which is a whole separate list of its own. Luckily, SportsGeek already made it.

  • MLB – mlb
  • MLS – mls
  • NBA – nba
  • NFL – nfl
  • NHL – nhl
  • SoulCycle – soulcycle
  • UFC – ufc
  • WWE – wwe

Entertainment and media outlets

  • Apple Music – applemusic
  • Business Insider – businessinsider
  • BuzzFeed – buzzfeed. BuzzFeed is very active on Snapchat and its snaps are usually pretty interesting.


  • Cosmopolitan – cosmomag
  • Digiday – digiday
  • Disney – disneystudio. “Disneyland” and “WaltDisneyWorld” have separate handles of their own, as well.
  • Elite Daily – elitedailysnap
  • Glamour – glamourmag
  • Go90 – go90
  • GQ – gq_magazine
  • Huffington Post – huffpost
  • iHeartRadio – iheartradio
  • Marvel – marvelhq
  • Mashable – mashable
  • Men’s Health – menshealth
  • MTV – mtv
  • National Geographic – natgeo
  • Netflix – netflix
  • Nickelodeon – nickelodeontv
  • The New York Post – nypost
  • The New York Times – thenytimes
  • The Onion – theonionsnap
  • Pandora – pandora
  • People – peoplemag
  • Playboy – playboy. I know what you’re thinking, but no, Playboy does not snap nudes.
  • SiriusXM – siriusxm
  • Spotify – spotify
  • Thrillist – thrillist
  • Vice – vicemag
  • The Washington Post – washingtonpost

Politicians and government organizations

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger – arnoldschnitzel
  • Bernie Sanders – bernie.sanders
  • Donald Trump – realdonaldtrump. Is there an emoji that can immediately be associated with your company? In addition to the custom avatar, that’s another way you can make sure potential followers realize it’s you.


  • Hillary Clinton – hillaryclinton
  • Justin Trudeau – justintrudeaupm. Canada’s prime minister is the only world leader with a tattoo; of course he’s on Snapchat.
  • Marco Rubio – marcorubio
  • NASA – nasa
  • Ted Cruz – cruz4president
  • The White House – whitehouse


In addition to ad agencies, this category is kind of a catch-all for the tech companies that don’t quite fit anywhere else.

  • Foursquare – foursquare
  • GE – generalelectric
  • Giant Spoon – giant_spoon
  • HubSpot – hubspotinc. There aren’t a ton of B2B brands on Snapchat, so HubSpot could be a good inspiration for your own activity.
  • Intel – intel_inside
  • MRY – mryagency
  • Ogilvy & Mather – ogilvy
  • Reddit – reddithq
  • Snapchat – teamsnapchat. This might be an automatic friend, kind of like Tom from MySpace, but just in case.
  • VaynerMedia – vaynermedia. This one makes sense, given how active founder Gary Vaynerchuk is on the platform.

Surely we’ve missed a few. If there are any other brands you’re following on Snapchat that we didn’t add, let us know in the comments and we’ll update the list.


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