Brightcove Promises More Video Inventory Through New Platform

Brightcove_Logo_GIF_Small.gifBrightcove has launched the latest version of its video player, which could result in more ad inventory for publishers using it. Essentially, by better optimizing video content for search engines, and enabling better distribution of video clips throughout publisher sites, the company expects more users to flock to that video. More usage = more ad inventory.

The new platform presents each video on its own Web page, giving it a dedicated URL. Brightcove founder and CEO Jeremy Allaire believes this will create “more real estate for advertising,” since the entire page can be utilized as opposed to ads displaying only within the video player. Also, unlike players that are typically invisible to search engines, the Web page-based platform can be crawled by search engines and surfaced more readily within a publisher site.

“You’ll be able to introduce video into far more places in your Web site…which increases available video inventory,” explained Allaire.

The platform has also been altered to enable higher quality, long-form video. Allaire thinks as more longer-form video is viewed, takeover ads and overlay ads will become more popular with advertisers.

At this point, though, the new platform’s impact on advertisers is more about inventory potential than anything else. Still, Allaire hinted the firm will launch the platform on a broader commercial basis in the autumn, at which time other ad-related news may be announced.

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