Brightcove to Drive German Video Network

Video technology platform Brightcove has partnered with OMS, a German online sales and marketing network for regional newspapers, to create an ad-supported online video network for its member publishers.

The network will feature content licensed by OMS from third parties, alongside video published by the regional newspapers themselves. Ad sales will be handled by OMS.

Speaking with ClickZ News, OMS Media Consultant Kim Kriegers said, “The German online video market is still very fragmented in terms of reach, content quality and technical standardization. With this deal, OMS is trying to address these problems to make the market more attractive and efficient for advertisers.”

After the video platform has been rolled out across the network’s 60 sites, Kriegers expects it to serve in excess of 10 million streams a month, attracting existing OMS advertisers, as well as traditional TV advertisers looking to cut back on ad spend. Together, the network sites reach around 9 million unique visitors each month.

Targeting possibilities for the platform will be limited to content categories, or channels, such as national news, sports, and entertainment.

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