Broadband Ads More Effective

A five-month study of broadband advertising on the Internet found that it significantly increases brand recall, provides more effective branding experiences, engages viewers for longer periods of time, and offers lower costs per branding impression (CPB).

The Rich Media I Advertising Program was developed by Intel Corp. and @Home, and was administered by Ipsos-ASI market research. The study was developed to determine the effectiveness of rich media ads in a broadband environment compared to narrowband ads. AT&T, Bank of America, First USA, Intel Corp., Levi Strauss & Co., and Toys R Us participated in the study.

The ads tested outperformed narrowband advertising in all areas. Recall percentages tested 34 percent higher than Ipsos-ASI’s average for narrowband ads. Comprehension and shift in brand imagery improved over narrowband benchmark statistics by 30 percent. Consumers who chose to click spent between 30 seconds and five minutes interacting with the ads.

According to the study, the higher recall rates generated by broadband media rich media advertisements lower the cost per branding impression relative to narrowband advertisements.

“Quantifying the entire branding experience — not just click-through — that rich media ads generate is a highly valuable metric for advertisers,” said Susan Bratton, director of interactive advertising for @Home Network.

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