Broadband Enterprises Launches Contextual Video Ad Network

BroadbandEnterprises.jpgAs ad networks have been so successful, was it hard to see that online video ad networks would be far behind? With the explosion in video content online, and the ads that run with them, creating an area ripe for contextual marketing, Broadband Enterprises is launching its own virtual marketplace called vComm.

The ad network is powered by Broadband Enterprises’ VINDICO technology to connect relevant online video programming and advertisements with textual stories and other online information sources, according to the company. The system works by putting code into Web pages that will scan its meta-data and will use speech-to-text to scan video for relevant links, and then place the best ad with the correct video.

VComm has already signed on a number of customers, including Beyond Interactive for Staples, OMD from Nissan, Optimedia for T-Mobile and BKV for

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