Bulk Keyword Buyers’ Worried Minds

For every new development in search, and there are many, there’s an evergreen issue that never gets enough attention. Panelists in an SES session called “Big Site/Big Brand SEM” identified a few:

Bidding Against Your Affiliates. Large search marketers are constantly bidding against their affiliates and other channel partners, driving up keyword prices. One school of thought says it’s better to lose an auction to an affiliate than a competitor.

Misspellings. There’s a huge market for search term misspellings. Marshall Simmonds, chief search strategist for The New York Times Co., confirmed it in this panel.

Competitor Brands as Keywords. Should you bid on your competitors’ brand and product names? IBM and Intel both said they have policies against it. They feel it lowers the brand, and if a consumer’s searching by product, chances are they’ve made up their mind already about what to buy.

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