Organize All of Your Email Lists

E-Base Interactive simplifies the sending of important emails, product announcements, newsletters, and other types of electronic media to your customers and clients with a tool that can manage multiple email lists at one time. Once your email lists are uploaded, you can organize contacts by the type of information you want them to receive. You can use one database to organize all of your customers, newsgroups, and electronic media. All of your information is placed in one central location for you to send your electronic correspondence faster and more efficiently.

Easily Manage Your Newsgroups

By choosing the Manage Newsgroup function of BulletPass, you will be able to add new newsgroups, delete old ones, or change existing ones with easy-to-follow instructions.

Manage Your Contacts

Easily add new contact names to your newsgroups. You may add batches of users to newsgroups by uploading them or add individual contacts by manually entering their information. BulletPass also makes it easy to change a contact’s information or delete that person all together.

Manage Your Emails

With an easy-to-use form, upload your emails in both text and HTML formats by choosing which newsgroup to assign the email to and send. You also have the options of reviewing your newsletters, modifying them, and deleting old emails with the click of your mouse. BulletPass also records the dates that your emails were created, modified, and sent for later reference.

Automatically Update Your Email List With New Subscribers and Unsubscribers

BulletPass will put on your Web site a co-branded link inviting new visitors to your site to request more information about your company. New subscribers will be able to choose a newsgroup to subscribe to and whether they would like their correspondence from you to be in HTML or text format. The opt-in and opt-out function allows people to subscribe and unsubscribe themselves without any work from you. Your email list will be automatically updated with the corresponding information.

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