Cadillac Sponsors Content Pack on Xbox Live

Cadillac is sponsoring an optional content pack for the Xbox Live game Project Racing 3. Players who download the add-on will be able to drive Cadillac’s high performance V-series vehicles in gamespace.

Taking the integration a bit further, gamers who perform within the top 100 on one of the game’s racetracks will achieve “Cadillac Elite status.” In addition to no doubt enhancing the player’s sexual prowess, the Elite designation will bestow customized content and invitations to exclusive events, among other prizes. Cadillac said it has plans to expand the Elite program to other racing titles.

The deal was brokered and concepted by Denuo’s Play unit, which specializes in media placements within games. Leo Burnett, GM Planworks, Arc and Speedshape also contributed.

(Incidentally, wouldn’t you love to have been in the room when the guy from Denuo hit the client with the “Cadillac Elite status” slide? I can almost see the beads of enthusiastic sweat springing from the marketing veep’s forehead. What a show pony to march before the CEO.)

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