Can a Good Viral Have a Good Sequel?

bravia green snip.JPGSony enjoyed a viral lift from a TV spot it did called “Balls” where colored balls were filmed flowing down the hilly streets of San Francisco. Now it hopes to achieve similar attention with its “Paint” spot. This time the commercial was filmed in Glasgow by director Jonathan Glazer and features a fireworks-like display of exploding paint in a building complex.

The Bravia folks created just to show off the ad and making-of content. While there’s the ability to download the ad and various behind-the-scenes video and images, there is little ability for a viral to happen from the site itself. On YouTube there’s several version of “Balls” and making-of video for the “Paint” spot, but the creative itself isn’t there just yet. One interesting note is that while there was extensive cleanup after each shoot as detailed on the site, it clearly took multiple takes, and a short video of one such disaster is posted on YouTube.

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