Can Millions of Online Fans Write One Def Jam Song?

cd_neyo.gifIn what has to be a branding collaboration first, Yahoo is teaming up with McDonalds and record label Def Jam to encourage music fans to contribute lyrics for a future song by recording artist Ne-Yo.

Yahoo Music is hosting an eight week contest on a co-branded site with McDonald’s at, where fans can vote on one of four song themes: love, peace, dreams and party. After that, they’ll be able to submit lines of lyrics to be voted on, with the winning lyrics to be incorporated in a song produced later this year. Yahoo Music will release the song and proceeds will go to Ronald McDonald House Charities, while McDonald’s will promote the contest with french fry boxes featuring the contest logo and a message reading, “Go to Yahoo! and search for LyricMakers.” The promotion was developed by media communications agency OMD.

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