Canadians Spend More Time Surfing

Canadian Web surfers spent nearly 30 more minutes online than US Internet users in May, averaging more sessions and page views despite the US having 10 times more active Internet users than Canada, according to Nielsen//NetRatings.

“Canada is among the leading countries in Internet penetration and with Canadian Internet users averaging more time online than US Web surfers, it’s clear that the Web is a vital medium for communication, entertainment, and commerce in Canada,” said David Tattle, President of Nielsen Media Research-Canada.

Average Internet Usage, Canada vs. US
May 2000
Canada United
Number of sessions per month 20 18
Number of unique sites visited 18 10
Page views per month 726 662
Number of sessions per month 20 18
Page views per surfing session 37 36
Time spent per month 9:34:60 9:05:24
Time spent during surfing session 0:29:16 0:29:50
Duration of a page viewed 0:00:47 0:00:50
Average click rate for top banners 0.37 0.49
Active Internet universe
(actually surfed)
8.1 million 82.7 million
Current universe estimate
(had access, but did not go online)
13.1 million 134.2 million
Source: Nielsen//NetRatings

During the month of May 2000, MSN received top billing among all Web properties with a unique audience of more than 4.5 million. Yahoo was number two with a unique audience of nearly 4.3 million, and AOL Web sites rounded out the top three with a unique audience of more than 3.2 million.

MSN’s growth has been spearheaded by the development of key partnerships with Canadian retailers and by the phenomenal success of its free email service, Hotmail,” said Sean Kaldor, VP of E-Commerce at NetRatings. “MSN Hotmail, which is available in seven languages including English and French, is utilized by over 15 percent of the Canadian population and is the driving force behind MSN’s high usage rate.”

Nielsen//NetRatings derives its data from a research panel of 7,350 English-speaking Internet users in randomly selected Canadian households.

Top 15 Web Properties in Canada
May 2000
Rank Property Unique
Time per person
1. MSN 4,534,214 1:11:44
2. Yahoo 4,288,589 0:57:32
3. AOL Web Sites 3,822,010 0:19:16
4. Lycos Network 2,649,881 0:13:44
5. Microsoft 2,619,892 0:08:31
6. Excite@Home 2,375,464 0:25:36
7. Sympatico-Lycos Inc. 1,958,931 0:18:55
8. Go Network 1,671,391 0:24:09
9. AltaVista 1,481,880 0:13:29
10. 1,451,585 0:09:13
11. NBC Internet 1,207,109 0:11:17
12. Government of Canada 1,155,266 0:20:38
13. The Network 1,078,886 0:18:58
14. TELUS 1,029,660 0:17:55
15. The Go2Net Network 1,019,956 0:10:13
Source: Nielsen//NetRatings

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