Cannes 2013 Video: GE – Technology Is Everywhere

ClickZ sat down with Andy Goldberg, global creative director at General Electric, during Cannes Lions to discuss what the festival means to GE and how the company is constantly innovating to connect with its consumers.

“The beauty of this week has been being able to see all the great work that’s been developed around the world, to see some of the new ideas that are coming through from a creative standpoint, but also getting to sit down with people from all over – different creative agencies, different media agencies, different media properties – and really see what’s new and different and coming forth in the next year,” says Goldberg.

GE is hyper-focused on innovation, and is trying to push the brand forward, telling its message in unique ways. “Innovation’s a broad topic and it allows us to experiment, if you will, so playing with different digital channels, different social channels, really pushing the envelope on what are different creative opportunities that are unexpected from a brand like GE,” says Goldberg.

One of GE’s mantras has been that technology is everywhere. “Digitally, one of the things that we’re trying to explore is [how] to tell a broad story about our technology being everywhere, but also how brilliant our technology is because we make the big machines but then we also understand the data that’s coming off the machines, and it’s just the natural environment in the digital space to tell that,” continues Goldberg.

GE has created a number of different programs to connect with its audience, including the Wonderground app, an online and mobile gaming program that allows consumers to discover where GE’s products are in the world.

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