Capessa, a New Online Focus Group from P&G

Procter & Gamble has staked out an online community for women, dubbed Capessa and hosted on Yahoo Health. The word is Latin for “to strive to reach a place,” an unlikely moniker given the site’s staid and even complacent approach to content and features. The Journal’s coverage positions it as a social networking launch, which it most certainly is not. No profiles here, no real mechanism to connect with other visitors. Just a collection of stories accumulated from around Yahoo Health, a Yahoo Groups discussion forum, some video and text profiles of women in various life phases, and a newsletter sign-up.

To be fair, P&G’s own release offers a modest goal: “to learn more about the interests and product needs of women [and]… to better understand digital space, as well as how the company can be more relevant in the lives of their consumers.” In other words, an online focus group.

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