Casale Ads Just Plain Weird

casalemedia_ad.gifIf you’re not an ad creative yourself, have you ever contemplated what went on during the brainstorming session for a particular ad campaign? I sure have, and this odd Casale Media campaign is the latest that’s made me go, “What the – ?”

The theme of the campaign is essentially that any audience advertisers want to target is on the Casale network. Simple, clear, works so far…until they try to visualize the “Your audience is on our network” concept.

Perhaps in an effort to humanize the brand, they decided a smiling dude in a red Casale Media T-shirt would represent the network in the ads. Hey, I guess it could be worse…it could be a guy in a cheesy animal mascot costume or a fat kid wearing a propeller cap.

Now to visualize the idea that an audience is on the network. Hmmm…eureka! Take a stereotypical representative of some coveted demographic, and put him on the network, literally. Though I’m sure kinkier solutions were conjured up, the campaign creators chose to show the Casale Media guy carrying the target demo on his back. A bit burdensome, ain’t it?

It gets weirder though…way weirder. The ads I saw today showed a soccer mom and a teen on the Casale guy’s back. Sure, it’s not unheard of to see a guy carrying a woman around, say while frolicking in the park or while participating in some bizarre Finnish racing event.

But then the ad displays the teen scenario. It’s a kid, maybe around 15 or so, being hoisted by Mr. Casale, and it’s just plain off-putting. I remember my dad carrying around my brother and me — when we were little. Not 13 or 14 or however old this kid is! Who came up with this, Mark Foley?

I don’t mean to assail Casale. Of course it’s supposed to be innocent, but the image of this guy with a teenage boy on his back is so distracting, it completely dilutes the message Casale wants to get across.

If anything though, for entertainment’s sake, I can’t wait to see the other creatives. The elusive 18-34 year-old male demo? Business decision makers earning over $200K HHI? Seniors? The possibilities are endless!

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