Catch Up on ClickZ’s Year-End Coverage

If you’re anything like us, you’ve been neglecting your usual news diet over the last couple weeks. While we all know that neglect doesn’t extend to ClickZ (perish the thought!), we’ve put together the below summary of our recent stories on the year that was and what lies ahead in 2010 — just in case you missed any of the excitement.

2010 Will Be a Decisive Year for Ad Privacy and Regulation
by Jack Marshall
The legal debate about behavioral targeting is likely to come to a head in the new year, both in the U.S. and Europe.

2009 Ends, Hard Times Continue for Consumer Electronics Brands
by Zachary Rodgers
As the year winds down, the sellers of smart phones and LCD screens still cower in the bottom of the funnel.

Digital Politics: What Mattered in 2009
by Kate Kaye
ClickZ’s Politics and Advocacy looks back at the year in digital political campaigning, and asks consultants on the right and left what mattered in ’09.

Mobile Looks to Mature as a Creative Discipline Next Year
by Christopher Heine
Apps hype should settle down as marketers refine the art of SMS campaigns.

Ad Network CEO: Celeb Deaths of 2009 Benefited Some Marketers
by Christopher Heine
The sudden death of actress Brittany Murphy tied a morbid bow on a big trend for 2009.

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