CBS CEO Moonves Says Interactive Media is Now

LesMoonves.jpgLeslie Moonves, president and chief executive officer of CBS, made a what could be considered a profound comment at his Consumer Electronics Show (CES) keynote in Vegas this week. He says that CBS basically gets it and that “there’s no such thing as old or new media anymore. We’re just media.”

To prove his point, he brought out not only his usual raft of stars and content creators like Anthony Zuiker, creator of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, and Jennifer Beals, from Showtime’s The L Word, but he also brought out the formerly “new media” guns of Linden Lab Founder and CEO Philip Rosedale and Chad Hurley, co-founder and CEO of YouTube.

Rosedale showed off Linden Lab’s Second Life virtual world, and promised a Star Trek area to be created for Second Life with CBS’ help. Hurley meanwhile announced a YouTube contest to get video posters time on CBS during the Super Bowl next month. The “15 Seconds on CBS” challenge winners will be chosen by CBS from submissions on YouTube.

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