CBS Mobile: Enough Inventory to Spread Around

CBS’s mobile division made a deal with four mobile ad networks earlier this week. The Wall Street Journal reported the availability of text and banner ads for mobile Web sites and video commercials through partnerships with AdMob, Millennial media, Rhythm NewMedia, and Third Screen Media. CBS created its mobile division in February and had its internal sales team selling ads for its initial three WAP sites. With industry-wide complaints about not having enough available inventory, it’s a good sign when CBS is able to spread its inventory across four networks.

Third Screen Media, one of the networks named, recently released a few stats on progress. The company said it reaches nearly 50 percent of all U.S. mobile content subscribers according to Telephia data. The deal with CBS creates a good deal of overlap, but also presents opportunities as the network builds a larger presence on both on carrier decks and the mobile Web.

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