Cellware Socializes Mobile

There’s been talk about the mobile platform being perfect for social networking. Among the newer mobile social communities out there is Cellware, which launched earlier this week. Through Web and mobile, users can upload and modify audio, video, photos, and other content and applications, then share it with others. The media can then be used to personalize a handset with ringtones, wallpapers. And of course, discovery is a big part of the experience, as well as having access to videos and a social network when you have time to spare.

The site boasts “We’re putting the free back in free!” And Cellware means it. There is no cost for use of the site, it’s ad supported. And active users who generate hits, recommend new friends, and create content, will get a piece if the revenues. Cellware has banners on the Web and mobile WAP site, and plans to insert ads in SMS messages in the future. The company’s CEO John Ferber was a founding member of Advertising.com, and brought in a handful of his previous company’s alums to key positions including Jason Ellin, CFO, and Jason Strauss, CRO.

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