Chronicles of Narnia, a Family Affair

If you’re going to see “Chronicles of Narnia” this weekend, it’s going to be very crowded. Fandango reports ticket sales for the movie account for 82 percent of tickets sold on the site this week.

Audiences viewing “Narnia” are likely families or at least small groups, the average quantity of a ticket order on the site is four. A Fandango site poll finds 79 percent of moviegoers picked the film as the most anticipated family film of the holiday season.

Other cinematic picks are clearing a significantly smaller percentage of orders. Ticket buys for “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire are down to four percent. The movie has been in theaters since November 18. Other new and upcoming releases attract viewers. “King Kong” (December 14) , “Syriana”(December 9) and “Brokeback Mountain” (December 9) each account for two percent of sales on Fandango for the week.

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