Citizen-Generated Cinema

beastieboys.jpg Tomorrow is the opening day of the new Beastie Boys concert feature, Awesome: I Fuckin’ Shot That.

The BBs seem to know nothing about SEM (I could only find the film’s Flash site via, but they’re apparently up on CGM. Director Adam Yauch handed 50 Hi8 camcorders to fans in the audience of a Madison Square Garden concert and voila — feature film. Never mind that some critics are calling the pic “unwatchable.”

This is about control. Not as much control as citizens have on the Web with Google Video and YouTube, to be sure.

But the Beastie Boys are a brand, and in making this film (good or bad), they’re allowing fans to participate in the brand, directly (the videographers) or vicariously (the film’s audience).

Forget about the execution. Hold on to that idea.

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