Clear Channel Taps Yahoo! for Concert Push

Clear Channel Music Group (CCMG) is targeting Yahoo Music users by region to promote 150 summer season concerts. The campaign comes in the wake of a mandate within the company to increase online advertising, and one month after CCMG placed a large ad buy and promotion with America Online.

The online marketing push follows CCMG research finding that nearly 70 percent of concert-goers said they go online for information about upcoming shows and performances.

“Historically we’ve spent less than one percent of ad budget online,” said CCMG spokesman Faisel Durrani. “There’s obviously a gap between that and our consumers finding out about concerts online at a clip of 60 to 70 percent. There is a mandate [to do more marketing online], and Yahoo is one of the pieces of that mandate.”

One hundred fifty concerts will be promoted via banner ads placed throughout Yahoo Music. These will target users based on ZIP code and demographic information. Artists and groups getting play under the effort include Eminem / 50 Cent, Warped Tour, Chicago / Earth, Wind and Fire, the Allman Brothers, Motley Crue, Avril Lavigne and Judas Priest.

In June, the company conducted a large banner campaign and ticket sales promotion on AOL promoting Backstreet Boys shows. Durrani said the company is also planning to place online advertising with other regional and national Web sites.

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