Click Tactics

Britemoon offers a line of Web-based email campaign management tools ranging from basic to advanced.

Campaign Parameters
Manage all of the parameters of your campaign: customization of the “from” address and subject line, personalization of the content, customized links, opt-out procedures and sending schedules.

Content Template Modules
Choose a pre-designed templates or invest in a custom template design — offered through Britemoon partners.

Database Management
Britemoon9s intelligent list hygiene software flags duplicate or invalid email records from your database file. From there you can create target groups based on the criteria of your choice and perform merge/purge tasks at the click of a button. Post-campaign, Britemoon automatically updates your database based on opt-outs, bounce-backs, and click-throughs, which you can then export to keep your in-house database current.

Britemoon Subscription Form
Britemoon allows you to create branded subscription forms with customization features that give your audience the ability to selectively opt in and out of categories.

Britemoon Reporting
Britemoon offers reporting metrics in real time.

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