ClickTracks and Lyris ListManager Come Closer Together

clicktracks logo.JPG
A year following the J.L. Halsey acquisition of ClickTracks, the parent company said it will tightly couple ClickTracks Web analytics data with its e-mail marketing platform Lyris ListManager. Clients will be able to track user behavior across e-mail and their Web site to gain more insight into conversions. Measured activity includes open rates and subsequent visits to the e-mail sender’s Web site.

Email senders can learn to better target messages. An example given in a company statement said “An e-mail campaign drives 10,000 visitors to a landing page and only 3 percent convert. A marketer can then analyze the behavior of the 97 percent that didn’t convert and target that segment with a follow-up offer.”

The next generation of e-mail marketing innovation looks like it will be in more closely integrating online marketing and e-mail, breaking down the silo between the two categories, and sharing ad management and resources across the platforms. A statement from J.L. Halsey said, “This milestone moves the company one step closer to its goal of providing marketers with a platform that integrates the core technologies of e-mail marketing, Web analytics, and Web content management.” Expect to see more new products and enhancements to the three core areas on J.L. Halsey’s roadmap in the months to come.

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