ClickZ Connected Marketing Awards 2011 Winners Announced

Dell was named the winner of ClickZ Connected Marketing Awards in two categories: Best Use of Social Media and Best Use of Display Advertising.

For social media, Dell tapped LinkedIn to foster a community of information technology professionals who are the technology vendor’s target customers. For display advertising, the brand developed a model that merged behavioral targeting technologies with dynamic creative tools that built customized ad messages.

Christian Georgeou, an awards judge, called the Dell effort a “great campaign targeting a niche group through a specific social network. Interesting to see them partnering with LinkedIn to test out custom groups.” Georgeou is marketing manager for Incisive Media’s SES conference series, ClickZ, and Search Engine Watch.

Kirkland’s and Extended Stay Hotels were winners of the Excellence in Connected Marketing award. KFC and SAP scored recognition for their marketing initiatives; ClickZ Experts contributor Sean Carton received the ClickZ Marketing Excellence award.

“We commend the winners of ClickZ Connected Marketing Awards for truly demonstrating a commitment to innovation and creativity while remaining focused on business results,” said Anna Maria Virzi, executive editor, ClickZ.

Excellence in Connected Marketing

Winner: Extended Stay Hotels
Campaign: Managing Search + Display Holistically to Drive Efficient Booking Costs
Agencies: Digital Marketing Works/IgnitionOne
Judge’s remark: “They used the right tools to tackle the issue of relevance and got some great results to show for it,” said Bryan Eisenberg, a ClickZ Experts contributor and judge.

Winner: Kirkland’s
Campaign: Kirkland’s Glee Spree
Agency: redpepper
Judge’s remark: “The campaign certainly met and far exceeded the stated objectives of positioning Kirkland’s as a gift retailer, growing the email list, and Facebook community,” said Lee Odden, a ClickZ Experts contributor and judge.


Best Use of Display Advertising

Winner: Dell
Campaign: Behavioral Targeting
Agency: MediaCom
Judge’s remark: “Impressive in its efforts to identify what was motivating its site visitors and using this information to inform the campaign,” said Tessa Wegert, a ClickZ Experts contributor and judge.

Honorable Mention: 24 Hour Fitness – Remarketing Campaign
Agency: Netmining

kfc-doubledownBest Use of Email Marketing

Winner: KFC (Yum! Brands)
Campaign: KFC Double Down
Agency: BlueHornet
Highlights: KFC marketing team used email marketing to promote social sharing and used social media to encourage email subscriptions. Within the first 24 hours, the email received over 12,000 shares on Facebook and Twitter combined. The KFC Facebook page now drives 3 percent of all email sign-ups.
Judge’s remark: “Great use of email to drive social behavior, and they didn’t forget to collect email addresses while they were at it. The business results are outstanding – for a new sandwich and a brand not previously high in social activity – this is great stuff. I hope they keep it going,” said Stephanie Miller, a ClickZ Experts contributor and judge.

Honorable Mention: Burton’s King of the Mountain Goes New School
Agency: Responsys

Honorable Mention: Miami Dolphins’ Swim with the Big Fish Thanks to Relevant Email Marketing
Agency: ClickSquared

Best Use of Search Marketing

Winner: SAP Demand Generation
Campaign: SAP DG North America
Agency: Mindshare
Highlights: Marketing team set out to beat cost per registration target through four distinct strategies: SEO + SEM; landing page optimization, PPC bidding strategies, and brand awareness campaigns. Result: 40 percent year-over-year increase in sales.
Judge’s remark: “Good results and a strong example of doing absolutely everything by the book and taking a unified approach,” said Jonathan Allen, director of Search Engine Watch.


Honorable Mention: Sears’ Scalable Paid Search Respond to Midwest Blizzard
Agency: iProspect

Best Use of Social Media Marketing

Winner: Dell
Campaign: Getting Down to Business on LinkedIn
Agency: MediaCom


Honorable Mention: Buck Wear’s Redneck Yourself
Agency: R2integrated (r2i)

ClickZ Marketing Excellence Award

Winner: Sean Carton
Sean has been recently appointed to develop the Center for Digital Communication, Commerce, and Culture at the University of Baltimore and is chief creative officer at idfive in Baltimore. He has colorfully chronicled digital advertising trends for ClickZ in a fortnightly column first published Nov. 11, 1998. Ever since, Sean has served ClickZ’s readers well thanks to his prescient observations and candor. He’s examined hassles of doing business on the early web, such as “Bandwidth Blues,” back in the day. Other columns are still relevant today, such as “Applications Not Ads,” that he wrote in 2003.


No winners were named in the mobile marketing category.

Judges for the awards competition included the editorial team and marketing experts who write for ClickZ and Search Engine Watch, as well as members of SES conference board of directors. Judges were: Jonathan Allen, Janice Diner, Bryan Eisenberg, Dave Evans, Christian Georgeou, Danny Goodwin, Mike Grehan, Kate Kaye, Anne Kennedy, Angela Man, Jack Marshall, Stephanie Miller, Lee Odden, Lisa Raehsler, Zachary Rodgers, Laura Roth, Anna Maria Virzi, Robert Weber, and Tessa Wegert.

The competition was limited to marketing campaigns that took place in the United States and Canada for English-speaking audiences. Campaigns must have taken place in 2010 or launched before Dec. 31, 2010.

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