ClickZ Talks with FTC, Google, and NAI: Listen to the Audio!

Last month I had the pleasure of interviewing representatives of the FTC, Google’s Public Policy division, and the Network Advertising Initiative about government intervention into the online ad industry and what it means for digital marketers. Now, I’ve finally gotten around to posting the audio.

At the Online Marketing Summit in Washington, D.C., I spoke with Pablo Chavez, Senior Policy Counsel at Google; Chuck Curran, Executive Director and General Counsel at Network Advertising Initiative; and Richard Quaresima, Bureau of Consumer Protections division of Advertising at the Federal Trade Commission.

I wrote about it here, noting that, for one thing, the fact that online advertisers, publishers and third party tech firms only store and apply non-personally identifiable data in ad targeting may not matter much in the eyes of government regulators.

During the talk, the FTC’s Quaresima said the industry needs to devise creative ways to prominently disclose behavioral ad practices and protect consumer privacy. “Otherwise, there could be a lot more draconian measures imposed.”

There’s much more! Check out the audio here.

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