ClickZ Weathers the Storm

55broad-sandy-1Flooded homes, ruined cars, blacked out streets, piles of belongings on the curb… these are the kinds of things you see “somewhere else,” not in New York City and the tri-state area. And yet here we are, one week after Mother Nature did her fair share of damage to the area, and all of us, especially those who experienced Hurricane Sandy’s devastation personally, are reeling from the consequences. While some communities are beginning to return to normalcy, there are still others who are right now living without power, water, communications, transportation, and even their own homes. Our thoughts and well wishes are with those who have been hit the worst by this catastrophe.

At the US headquarters of ClickZ, based in Lower Manhattan, the office was closed for several days and only reopened earlier this week, on Tuesday, November 6. The ground floor and two stories of basements in our building at 55 Broad Street were extensively flooded and, although staff are now able to get to the office on the 22nd floor, it still lacks any phone service, heating or hot water. Despite all of this, it has been business as usual for all the team over the entire duration of the devastation. In the relationship of great spirits, everyone has shared resources as best as they can, grouping together wherever possible and keeping themselves safe, as well as managing to keep the business running remotely.

Matt McGowan, managing director, Americas of Incisive Media (ClickZ’s parent company), described the challenges and the fantastic response of the team in the wake of Hurricane Sandy:

“Many of our employees have been without power, water and basic essentials, as well as not being able to travel due to public transportation stoppages. But that still hasn’t stopped them. Our publications have continued to generate good, relevant content during this period and plans for our next major conferences, SES Chicago and Risk USA, are running as per schedule. And although the business is still running from various locations, from home bases, to coffee shops and public libraries with internet connections, the team has done a splendid job of maintaining contact and communication with our subscribers and our customers. And for this we thank them enormously”.

Though there may certainly be some challenging days ahead for us all, as a newbie to the great city of New York and the ClickZ team, I’m confident that the resilient spirit of our community will triumph, and I’m inspired by how many of our readers have reached out to us from around the world. Here are just a few of the many messages that we have received:

“Dear ClickZ, Though I am far away in Austria, where we do not have hurricanes- at least not yet- I have been following the terrible news. I very much hope your situation is getting better and that you are all fine. Nice regards, Viktoria”.

“Blessings from Argentina for all of you. Enrique”.

“I am really sorry to hear how much the devastation of hurricane Sandy caused. If you need any help with anything… phone calls, content reviews or anything I can help with, please let me know. Regards, Michael”.

“How are you guys? Thinking about ya. Hope you and your families are OK. Sorry about the Incisive office. Wishing you a speedy recovery and a good holiday season. Maybe we can all meet up after Thanksgiving. Drew”.

“I just want you to know that it has touched me, and probably many others. It’s awesome how you are pulling together and running the business without your home offices. This disaster is so overwhelming. Even when we see the aerial shots and other disaster news, it’s hard to believe the size and scope. Worse than any earthquakes or wildfires we’ve experienced in Southern California, for sure. Wishing you the best during the hardest of times – clean-up, recovery, rebuilding. Huge challenges. Sue”.

“Glad you’re all safe. Double beers at SES Chicago. Keep well and big hugs! Regards, Mel”.

Thank you to everyone for your thoughtful messages and continued support. So many ordinary people doing extraordinary things. Our office team may hail from all over the world, but we’re glued together and motivated by the strength of spirit in the great city of New York.

Best wishes to all,

Mel and the ClickZ team

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