ClickZ Widget Offers Historical Perspective on Today’s News

As the online ad industry matures, knowing the historical context is becoming more and more important. With that in mind, ClickZ has launched our “ClickZ Flashback” widget. There, we’ll surface the surfeit of ClickZ archives from our News, Stats, and Features sections, and draw connections to the news of the day.

Take Tuesday’s Yahoo earnings call. During the disappointing presentation of the company’s third-quarter performance, CEO Jerry Yang told investors the online ad market will emerge from the economic downturn stronger than before, and suggested Yahoo will be positioned to gain market share at that time. If industry observers were paying close attention back in 2001, they may have experienced déjÀ vu.

In January ’01, as Yahoo cut guidance for the coming year, then-CFO Sue Decker stated, “The challenging market conditions will allow Yahoo to emerge as an even more clearly defined winner for the long term.” Yet, Yahoo still struggles.

Our first ClickZ Flashback features that bit of history, noting its link to the present. Expect more of the same on a regular basis throughout each week in the widget.

The widget, powered by Newsgator, is a small ad-sized unit that sits at the bottom right of all ClickZ pages. Anyone can grab it and place it on his own Web site or blog, or e-mail its content from within the widget itself. Best of all, fresh content will appear in the widget regularly, wherever it’s placed across the Web.

Grab it today for your own site right from this page!

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