SEM: The View From the CMO’s Office [Podcast]

Search marketers and non-search marketers have traditionally had difficulty communicating in the language of their disciplines, often creating friction and unnecessary conflict. This podcast, recorded from an SES San Jose 2009 session, walks through the day-by-day challenges of the CMO from two viewpoints: the traditional CMO and the CMO who has made the move to digital. The panel also explores how both disciplines can educate each other and explore such issues as the nominal percentage of marketing spend that is allocated to search.


  • Bill Hunt, SES advisory board, and president, Back Azimuth Consulting


  • Gina Poole, VP, IBM Software Group Marketing 2.0, IBM
  • Liz Miller, vice president, programs and operations, CMO Council
  • Kevin M. Ryan, CEO, Motivity Marketing

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