A data game: will the winner take it all?

Whether it’s Big data, small data or even smart data, one thing for sure is that data is everywhere and it isn’t going anywhere soon. We all know that, right? But did you know that it’s exploding so much, that it is becoming a key basis for competition among marketers and will soon separate the winners from the losers? Well, that’s according to Ajit Sivadasan, vice president and general manager at Lenovo, who keynoted at ClickZ Live Chicago last week.

Marketers have been chasing “useless data” for too long now. And with the increasing volume of information coming from things like social networks, or the Internet of Things, the waters only seem to be getting murkier. At the same time, the evolution of digital opens the gateways to new possibilities; greater data means more precise levels of measurability, testing hypothesis and in turn, accountability – all of which improve marketing efficiency.

In the video interview below, ClickZ speaks with Sivadasan about this new competitive landscape that is being shaped by the proliferation of data. Will it be a case of the winner takes it all, or a survival of the fittest? He also gives his thoughts on the measurement of creativity, an abstract area that up until now has been hard to analyze but could soon change if companies buy into the smarter data paradigm.

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