ClickZ’s 10 Most Popular Experts’ Columns of 2008

ClickZ’s Experts draw from a wide assortment of specialties, including e-mail marketing, search engine marketing, online video advertising, Web analytics, and media buying and planning.

And the interests of ClickZ readers vary widely, too, based on a look at the 10 most popular ClickZ Experts’ columns published in 2008.

1. Seven Top Online Marketing Trends for 2008
Among the trends identified: social network niches, behavioral targeting, more sophisticated analytics.
By Heidi Cohen

2. Online Games Redefine Gaming
As the death knell rings for gaming’s ultimate icon, the console, marketers must transition to the new definition of gaming.
By Kevin Carney

3. How 20 Words Generate a 220 Percent Lift in Response
An old direct marketing trick can help e-mail marketing campaigns today.
By Jeanne Jennings

4. Voter-Generated Content Makes or Breaks Candidates
Voters get out to vote for the next US president after they get out their message.
By Christine Beardsell

5. The Average Conversion Rate: Is It a Myth?
Online marketers have embraced conversion rates of 2 to 3 percent when they should be aiming higher. Here’s why.
By Bryan Eisenberg

6. Brands Build Widget Ads; Will Consumers Come?
Kraft Foods, Nissan, and American Express are the latest to bring advertising to these shareable, downloadable applications.
By Anna Maria Virzi

7. Hotmail’s People Factor Sets the Rules
Even the most sophisticated spam filters have a human component: users who vote with their mice.
By Stefan Pollard

8. Content Optimization: Keyword Suggestion Tools
How to start optimizing your site’s content today using tools from Google, Yahoo, and Quintura.
By P.J. Fusco

9. Never on Sunday? Rethink Your E-mail Schedule
New reports show the best day to send your e-mail is Sunday.
By Karen Gedney

10.Seven Ways to Advertise on Facebook
A media planner’s guide to paid advertising opportunities on the social media network.
By Harry Gold

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