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ClickZ's Super Bowl XLIX Live Coverage

Check back here all night for the latest Super Bowl ad buzz.

UPDATE 10:06: The New England Patriots just won Super Bowl XLIX, as Gawker hilariously predicted yesterday. Be sure to check back tomorrow for our postgame update on the winners, losers, and lessons!

UPDATE 9:53: Everything listed on Twitter trends is related to the Super Bowl. In addition to generic hashtags, some trends include Nationwide, whose second ad did not go over well; Loctite; #volvocontest; Bud Light; #LikeAGirl; Woody Guthrie, who sang during Jeep’s ad; and The More You Know, with many people tweeting about how much the star from Katy Perry’s halftime show looks like the one from NBC’s public service announcements.

UPDATE 9:51: Victoria’s Secret is back after sitting out the last few Super Bowls. Unsurprisingly, Ace Metrix reports that men scored the ad much higher than women did.

UPDATE 9:51: Wix’s #ItsThatEasy commercial shows former football players using the Internet domain service to launch post-retirement businesses.

UPDATE 9:36: Doritos airs its second Crash the Super Bowl winner, in which a kid ties a rocket to a hog, showing up the man who told him he’d share his Doritos “when pigs fly.” Unrelated to advertising, two of my buddies claimed Taylor Swift would have put on a better halftime show than Katy Perry and I told them that they are wrong. We are 30-year-old men.

UPDATE 9:31: In Mercedes-Benz’s clever retelling of The Tortoise and the Hare, the tortoise defeats the cocky hare, not through determination, but because he got his hands on a Mercedes AMG GT. 

UPDATE 9:28: Anheuser-Busch becomes the first brand to advertise three times this year. The guy running through the life-sized PacMan game is living a fantasy I didn’t even know I had.

UPDATE 9:19: Loctite, the German glue brand that made the news for spending its entire advertising budget on this ad, airs its commercial, which features people dancing in a way that’s reminiscent of an Old Navy ad. Except Loctite’s dancers are wearing fanny packs, which makes it much better.

UPDATE 9:17: I assumed Heaven had unlimited battery life for everyone, but God has a low battery in Mophie’s first-ever Super Bowl ad.

UPDATE 9:15: While McDonald’s still has the strongest Ace score, Amobee Brand Intelligence has found that only 21 percent of its Twitter mentions have been positive.

UPDATE 9:14: The Church of Scientology’s ad is meant to rebuff a recent Sundance documentary.

UPDATE 9:12: Honda’s was the weakest link in a field of really strong automotive ads, in my opinion. What do you think?

UPDATE 9:10: The United Mileage card commercial is a three-in-one, as United Airlines, Visa, and Chase are all involved.

UPDATE 9:05: Amobee Brand Intelligence reports that Budweiser has the most Twitter mentions, with 183,429 tweets. Nationwide is not far behind with 177,979, though only 16 percent of them are positive mentions while twice as many are negative. Coca-Cola, Skittles, Nissan, McDonald’s, Doritos, Jurassic Park, BMW, and Esurance round out the top 10 on Twitter. Of that group, BMW has the most positive mentions by far, with 72 percent.

UPDATE 9:04: Jeep plays “This Land Is Your Land” over a montage of stunning travelscapes.

UPDATE 8:58: Budweiser is back, though the straightforward beer-based commercial is unlikely to resonate with people as much as “Lost Dog.” I still would like some guacamole. Well played, Avocados from Mexico.

UPDATE 8:57: T-Mobile’s second-half commercial features Sarah Silverman and Chelsea Handler instead of Kim Kardashian.

UPDATE 8:55: Jublia, a topical liquid for treating toenail fungus, gets into the Super Bowl theme with an ad centered on a fungus-infected foot playing football.

UPDATE 8:54: Pierce Brosnan starred in Kia’s ad, but not as James Bond, much to his chagrin.

UPDATE 8:48: #LikeAGirl, has joined Nationwide and Esurance on the list of Twitter’s trends. However, McDonald’s still has the top spot, according to Ace Metrix. However, despite what’s trending, Amobee Brand Intelligence found that in the first half of the game, the three most tweeted-about brands were Budweiser, with 65 percent of them positive; Nationwide, 15 percent; and Coca-Cola, 70 percent.

UPDATE 8:46: Apparently the Seahawks are winning. The ads have kept me so busy that I’ve only just looked at the game for the first time!

UPDATE 8:42: Dodge airs a juxtaposition between fast cars and funny 90-somethings.

UPDATE 8:40: Microsoft’s second #empower commercial was better than the first, I think.

UPDATE 8:39: Lexus airs its second spot.

UPDATE 8:37: Sprint gets the award for most creative use of farm animals.

UPDATE 8:34: Nationwide and Walter White are still trending. So is Voltron, a nod to Katy Perry’s lion.

UPDATE 8:30: A Jeep ad leads into the start of the third quarter.

UPDATE 8:30: Unlike in previous years, Mondelez is only advertising regionally this Super Bowl. Oreo and Nabisco have animated ads airing in Erie, Pennsylvania, and I wonder if they were just on. I just saw a New York-Presbyterian Hospital commercial that I assumed was local. 

UPDATE 8:29: Geico airs a second ad within five minutes.

UPDATE 8:29: Ecuador becomes the first foreign country to ever air a tourism ad during the Super Bowl.

UPDATE 8:26: Rather than go the typical football player route, Skechers taps into the MLB’s talent pool by having Pete Rose star in its ad.

UPDATE 8:25: “Push It” by Salt N’ Pepa may be stuck in my head for the rest of the night, thanks to Geico.

UPDATE 8:24: Always appealed to both boys and girls with its #LikeAGirl ad, according to Ace Metrix. The commercial earned a score of 636.

UPDATE 8:16: I haven’t seen any evidence of Pepsi selling anything during the halftime show yet, but I’m curious to see what they’ll do. #KatyPerrySuperBowl is trending on Twitter right now. Amusingly, a lot of the tweets are about her shark dancers.

UPDATE 8:10: A 30-second Pepsi spot leads into the halftime show. Katy Perry rides a giant robotic lion while dressed as a flame. I guess I can see why she’s more fun than we are.

UPDATE 8:07: Halftime report sponsor Toyota also has a father-focused ad this Super Bowl.

UPDATE 8:03: Cure Auto Insurance issues an apology for its dirty hashtag, replacing it with #LeaveYourBallsAlone.

UPDATE 8:03: Metro PCS airs its commercial.

UPDATE 8:02: Foot Locker’s spot airs.

UPDATE 8:02: Cure Auto Insurance appeals to everyone’s inner-seventh grader.

UPDATE 8:01: The chilling ad is another one that generated a lot of pregame conversation.

UPDATE 7:57: During any car commercial, Volvo invites consumers to tell them who they’d put in a Volvo, which is a smart way to stay in people’s minds throughout the entire game. #volvocontest is currently trending on Twitter, along with Nationwide, Walter White, and Fiat.

UPDATE 7:50: Web domain provider Squarespace may be lost in the shuffle, given all the preshow buzz GoDaddy received, but their ad was pretty clever. 

UPDATE 7:48: Microsoft’s minute-long #empower ad follows up last year’s Super Bowl spot.

UPDATE 7:40: Discover airs its spot. With Ace score of 601, Discover performed much better than the typical for a credit card ad. Out of 450, this commercial was the 11th to ever have a score higher than 600.

UPDATE 7:40: GoDaddy’s ad focuses on a guy who isn’t at a party right now, rather than a puppy being sold online.

UPDATE 7:39: The car commercials have all been pretty good so far, and Fiat is no exception. If not for Vin Diesel, I would have thought the Fast and the Furious 7 trailer was a car commercial, as well.

UPDATE 7:36: Esurance’s first commercial of the night airs and it’s starring Bryan Cranston as Walter White.

UPDATE 7:34: McDonald’s promotes its pay with love campaign. So far, this is the favorite according to Ace Metrix with a score of 706 – 75 percent of consumers polled also said they’d like some McDonald’s right now.

UPDATE 7:30: #MakeItHappy is trending on Twitter, as is Nissan’s #withdad. 

UPDATE 7:26: WeatherTech also airs an ad for the first time, earning a 644 Ace score. Budweiser and Snickers are still in the lead.

UPDATE 7:26: Weight Watchers makes its Super Bowl debut.

UPDATE 7:25: Nationwide switches it up with another ad, appealing to people’s emotions rather than their funny bones. According to Ace Metrix, people like this one better.

UPDATE 7:22: Nissan returns to the Super Bowl after 18 years. This ad also has the father-son theme.

UPDATE 7:20: And the winner of Dortios’ Crash the Super Bowl contest has been announced!

UPDATE 7:16: Dove Men+Care airs a dad-centric commercial.

UPDATE 7:13: Avocados from Mexico’s first SuperBowl ad is odd, but effective, as I would like some guacamole right now.

UPDATE 7:12: Coca-Cola focuses on Internet positivity with #MakeItHappy.

UPDATE 7:07: According to Ace Metrix, Budweiser and Snickers are tied as the favorites so far, with scores of 652. At 620, BMW is next.

UPDATE 7:05: Mindy Kaling stars in Nationwide’s commercial, which also features a cameo by Matt Damon. 

UPDATE 7:03: Budweiser’s much-anticipated “Lost Dog” ad airs.

UPDATE 7:00: The T-Mobile ad is one of my favorites, despite my general aversion to Kim Kardashian. She does self-deprecating better than you’d think and as a result, Save the Data is another ad generating a lot of early buzz.

UPDATE 6:59: Lexus airs its commercial.

UPDATE 6:59: Skittles is another first-time advertiser this year, with its arm-wrestling themed commercial.

UPDATE 6:58: Carnival Cruises airs its first-ever Super Bowl commercial, the winner of an online contest.

UPDATE 6:53: Danny Trejo as Marcia Brady smashes his axe into the coffee table because she’s not herself when she’s hungry. This Snickers spot is by far my favorite commercial this year.

UPDATE 6:43: BMW unearths footage of Bryant Gumble and Katie Couric asking what the Internet is. Fast-forward 21 years, and they’re having a similar conversation in an electric BMW i3.

UPDATE 6:38: TurboTax lets everyone know that filing is free this year, which they call the most exciting thing to happen to taxes since the Boston Tea Party. Their riff is pretty clever.

UPDATE 6:37: The first spot this year goes to Toyota.

Original Story
: Welcome to the 2015 edition of ClickZ‘s live Super Bowl ad coverage, which we previewed on Thursday. Check back here all night for updates as the commercials air.

Minutes before the coin toss, #SuperBowl, #SuperBowl49 and #brandbowl are already trending on Twitter.

Last year, Budweiser’s “Puppy Love” ad was the clear favorite commercial. Its sequel, “Lost Dog,” could follow suit, based on YouTube buzz. Since being uploaded on Thursday, it’s already been viewed nearly 19 million times.

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