Clinton Gets the Techie Site Connection

wsj_hillaryclinton.gifAs part of ClickZ’s ongoing Election ’08 coverage, we reported recently that people who visited the official campaign Web sites of Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and Dennis Kucinich had high likelihoods of visiting tech-related content elsewhere on the Web.

Specifically, as tracked by Tacoda for a report provided exclusively to ClickZ News, visitors to Clinton’s, Obama’s and Kucinich’s sites were more likely to go to tech sites covering UNIX and Linux software information than any other content category. Visitors to Kucinich’s site were 136 times more likely than the rest of the Web population to do so, while visitors to Clinton’s were 31 times more likely and those on Obama’s site were 21 times more likely.

On the other hand, these niche software sites were off the radar for Rudy Giuliani site visitors, though that audience was slightly more likely to visit computer software sites than others online.

The reason I make note of this is there’s an interesting piece in the Wall Street Journal today about Hillary’s efforts to woo Silicon Valley techies through a trip to California. According to the story, “The New York senator’s ‘innovation agenda,’ as her campaign calls it, packages familiar and new initiatives that are sure to be popular with her audience at Applied Global University in Santa Clara, as well as the broader high-tech community, which favors Democrats with its votes and money.”

Anyone who thought it made no sense that visitors to Dem campaign sites also spent a lot of time on UNIX and Linux software sites may want to take a second look. Hillary obviously recognizes the connection.

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