Clixis, by CDO Systems, is email campaign management software.

The email campaign is queued send so the user doesn’t wait. A separate process picks up the campaign in about five minutes. In that time, the user reviews a confirmation email and can cancel the campaign at no cost if a typo or mistake is caught.

List additions and removals can be done in several ways, most notably by sending an email to Clixis. This allows easy maintenance/integrity of the list for in-house lists and provides support for Web site integration.

Real-time stats are emailed to the campaign’s sender every hour for 24 hours after the campaign launch. All email responses are filtered for content, and only genuine responses are forwarded to the sender. No bounces, out-of-office, or virus email.

More features:

  • Confirmation email with the option to cancel a queued email campaign.
  • Rich text editor software allows total control and greater design flexibility.
  • Unlimited users, each with customizable access levels.
  • Pay only for email sent.
  • List management that can be accessed for automatic list management.
  • Bounced, invalid, and opt-out email addresses automatically recorded and never sent to again.

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