CNBC Latest NBC Offering in Google’s TV Lineup

Ah…the beauty of digital vs. traditional media: things can disappear so easily (and we don’t even need a memory hole).The latest example is Google’s “Let’s Take it Offline” blog, once dedicated to the latest news from Google’s TV, Audio and Print ad teams. Now, after shuttering the other two, it’s just “the latest news from the Google TV Ads team.”

Anyway, the latest news is that Google has added CNBC to its network lineup, following its deal with NBC Universal. “You can reach affluent males by targeting CNBC network and its popular business news content, including programs like Fast Money, Power Lunch, and Squawk Box,” notes the blog post. Google also plans to make inventory from MSNBC, Oxygen and SciFi available “in the coming months.”

Will advertisers bite? Well, I talked to a lot of people about the program for a
recent ClickZ story on Google TV, and it seems as though the company has yet to see an influx of smaller search advertisers using the service, which has appealed mainly to direct response TV advertisers.

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