Coca-Cola Passes Super Bowl Ad Across Media

Some Super Bowl ads go into the vaults after airing during the Super Bowl, others appear on every screen, and even relay to printed media. Coca-Cola is running its ad on quite a few screens. It ran before “The Queen” at the theater on Sunday hours before kickoff. The two seconds I flipped on the Super Bowl the spot happened to be on, it looks really good in HD, by the way. Now, Coke has the sponsor spot on YouTube’s home page.

The other formula not followed by the marketers, is that the commercial really didn’t debut during the big game. Here it is, posted on Google Video on August 13 last year. Much was said about the good-natured spoof on the popular smash and grab game “Grand Theft Auto” from Rockstar Games online. Sites including Kotaku and Joystiq weighed in when the spot previously made the rounds online.

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