Coke Clobbering Pepsi on Facebook, But Not on Twitter

One has to credit Pepsi’s commitment to charitable programs in its “Refresh Project,” which will ultimately donate $20 million to local community projects.

For more than a month, the soft drinks maker has been hammering the PR message that it’s going to use Facebook, Twitter, and other social media entities to promote the initiative. Pepsi’s been touting these ideas while pointing out – in a self-congratulatory fashion – that it’s passing on a Super Bowl ad for the first time in 23 years in favor of social media buzz.

Well, this led me to check out the brand’s Facebook presence this morning. It had 307,326 “fans.”

That piqued my curiosity to see what Coke’s Facebook presence looked like. Somewhat surprising was the humongous gap between the “big two” – Coke has more than 4.5 million “fans.”

But the social media picture is not all bad for Pepsi. It has 20,923 “followers” on Twitter, while Coke has 15,798.

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