Coke gets Bubbly over Joost

Cokebubbles.jpgIf you really want to tell friends what you think about an online television show, Coca-Cola is making it possible to share your comments… as long as they come from pouring out of a soda bottle. Internet television system Joost has its first advertising widget in the form of Coke Bubbles, which allows users to attach comments to scenes from televised shows and then send them to friends. When recipients open the e-mail and visit the Joost site to see the show, the comments will appear in a bubble over the screen. Which seems similar to VH1’s Pop-Up Video to me.

Coca-Cola has been a sponsor of Joost since it launched earlier this year, and the company’s European team came up with the widget. The two companies have also formed a partnership to help widget developers create and launch more widgets for the site, and are planning a contest to be announced at today’s Joost Developer Days event in London.

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