Coke Promo Unlocks PSP Content

The Sony PlayStation Portable has been discussed as a platform not just for games, but for unique marketing initiatives as well. Beyond direct advertising, many have discussed the potential for more creative promotions integrated with the games themselves.

The Japanese unit of Coca-Cola may be the first to venture beyond attaching an ad to downloaded video or buying in-game advertising. The soda distributor set up an on-pack promo and microsite at to unlock special content for players of PSP title Wipeout Pure, a futuristic racing game developed by Sony.

Players can use Coke-provided keywords, distributed on and/or Coke product packaging, to unlock new elements in the game. These elements include menu graphics, special courses, vehicles, and sound effects. Examples of unlockable material include a Coke skin for Wipeout vehicles and Coca-Cola banner ads displayed on surfaces throughout the racecourse.

The microsite features screenshots from Wipeout Pure, including one displayed on a PSP unit. Deeper in the site, a schedule reveals when keywords will become available, and what content each one will grant. The current schedule lists dates from mid-August through October.

It is unclear whether the content was previously built into the game, or will be downloaded from the Internet via the PSP’s Wi-Fi connection. Wipeout Pure was among the launch titles for the PSP.

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