Comcast’s Web Ambitions

The WSJ today has a big write-up (subscription) on Comcast and Time Warner’s ambitions for Web video. The piece seemed sparked at least partly by Comcast’s not-yet-announced (but confirmed by ClickZ) acquisition of thePlatform, a technology firm that helps media companies publish digital assets on multiple platforms. ThePlatform has already been running a channel, The Fan, for Comcast. That channel delivers nearly 2 million video streams a day to Comcast’s customers. ThePlatform’s system includes targeted advertising capabilities, according to the company. Details of the acquisition weren’t disclosed.

It makes complete sense for cable players — many of which have already invested big dollars into on-demand programming and technolgy — to extend that model onto the Web. It’s that media where ever and whenever philosophy that everyone’s chasing (and trying to make profitable).


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