Compete Gets Into Competitive Ad Tracking

Compete, a Web site measurement and competitive analytics firm, has come out with an a new ad performance analytics tool called Ad Analyzer. The offering promises to track campaign impact for its clients and their competitors within specified customer segments. Most Ad Analyzer customers will focus on the competitive data, since the bulk of ad tracking and serving systems out there let them measure the effectiveness of their own ads and landing pages.

Here’s a rundown of the specific data Ad Analyzer promises to track, pulled directly from the press release:

* Share of unique visitors continuing on to the brand’s site, vs. leaving, after seeing the landing page
* Click-and-return rate – Share of unique visitors returning to the brand’s site within 30 days of seeing the landing page
* Funnel entry – Share of unique visitors to a landing page that enter the online shopping cart or online application process
* Offline Lead: – Share of unique visitors to a landing page referred to the brand offline
* Order submission – Share of unique visitors to a landing page who submit an order or form in the same quarter

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